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A Furry Model

We have monthly photography workshops in our town hosted by a former film photographer and teacher.  Several times a year he sets up studio lights and backgrounds and we are all invited to bring a model to shoot.  One lady brings her handsome champion miniature collie to pose.  Dante sure knows how to ham it up, too!  And, he is probably the best behaved model there.

I edited with Topaz Simplify 4 (love it!) and added a texture from the Odds and Ends texture set by Shadowhouse Creations.


A Day in the Sun

With this gorgeous spring weather (I’m so afraid it’s not going to last), everyone is coming out of their shell.

Even this little guy who must have gotten separated from the rest of the family.

IMG_2123 (19 of 54) - Version 2

It was so nice on Sunday this squirrel didn’t flinch as I took his picture:

IMG_2054 (96 of 140) - Version 2

This guy thought it a perfect day to come in for a perfect landing.



Snakes Play Dead & After Irene

As anyone can tell by watching the news, north Jersey was hit pretty hard with Irene with some areas faring worse than others.  Fortunately, for me, the worst is past with some minor (though it didn’t seem so when I was cleaning it up) basement flooding.

When the sun came out Ginger and I walked around town.  She was definitely stir crazy and so was I!  I walked down to the Wharton canal to see how it was effected and came across a group of 10-12 year old boys fishing and exploring the aftermath.  When they saw me with a camera they invited me to take pictures of this dead snake they found.  I think it had gotten caught on one of their fishing lines while fishing.  I’m thinking “who wants a picture of a dead snake?”.  Well, then the tail started to move…….So, I learned another lesson about nature.  Snakes play dead!  I never knew that.  The boys were so excited and despite my cautions insisted on picking it up and showing it off. 🙂

Fortunately, they were smart in the way they did it.  By the lump I see there looks like the snake had a recent meal.

Not sure what kind of snake he is.  Will have to look it up.  Eventually (and thankfully), the boys let him go back in the water.  Perhaps they will see him another day.

I did take pictures of how high the water had gotten at the canal.  But, only people familar with the canal area would appreciate them since I did not see anyway to bring perspective.  But, I did go up by Washington’s Pond, which is on Main St. for a few photos.

That’s the pond flowing into the Rockaway river.  The water at this point flowed under the roadway, but the night before was over it.

Hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were fishing with my grandson right in front of those trees.

The banks usually extend past this tree.

These flowers still standing tall and pretty despite it all.


Things have been somewhat quiet around here-or at least I haven’t had a chance to post anything.  One night I learned the value of a UV filter on my lens as I slid down an embankment and my lens was ground into the side of the hill.  Fortunately, no damage done that I know of.

Normally, I shoot things that are living and moving.  But, I tried a change and shot these flowers on the side of the Wharton canal.  I find kind of a quiet quality in them against the black background.

Lessons learned this weekend- what NOT to do!

I learned a few things this weekend that I would not normally think of when thinking photography. Friday night I went down to the canal in hopes of a nice sunset shot. I found out you DO NOT wear your beloved TOMS and think you’ll make it down that steep, slippery embankment to the water in order to capture that cool shot of the sunset and trees in the water. You do not wear shorts and no bug spray on a hot humid night near a body of water. Friday night was definitely a short, fruitless, itchy trip.

However, the next morning I got up, put on hiking shoes, long pants and lots of bug spray and returned(boy, was I glad I did that last one in particular). The canal in Wharton was part of the canal that was used for transportation of iron and anthracite from Newark, NJ to Phillipsburg, NJ. Here’s how it looks now:

The current start of part of the canal

I walked down a little further and saw an interesting spot down a steep embankment filled with a lot of rock and gravel. I debated if I could make it down to the water successfully and decided to go beyond what would be easy. When I got to the bottom, it was very pretty but the shots I got I wasn’t happy with. I then learned the value of just sitting quietly and not rushing off. As I observed my surroundings I noticed a heron standing quite still a ways down. I debated if I should, or even could put on a longer lens on the off chance he would come my way. They can stand still for really long periods of time and exasperate the most patient person.

Don't know if you can see the heron quite a distance away, but he's there. 🙂

As quickly as I could I switched lenses to my 70-200 and waited.

He floats past

And lands

It was all downhill from there! I couldn’t switch from .JPEG to RAW cause my card was too full, my camera decided to get wacky and not work, my nose hit some button on the back of the camera and switched to live view and I didn’t know how to turn it off………

I did manage to get a couple more shots after that snafu……..

I did learn some valuable lessons this weekend…I may even invest in a monopod and/or tripod too.

Some images can be seen full size on my Flickr account.