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Waterloo Village

7D-1958-Edit.jpg by victry1
7D-1958-Edit.jpg, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I go on occasion to Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ. It’s an abandoned historical village, but is still available to walk through. Most of the buildings are run down, though there is an active Methodist church on the property.

Each season hs its good points, though I think fall is my favorite and early spring not so much.

I like to bring the dogs there cause they can at least get a few minutes in to run and let off steam.



These and other fine historical images are available at Fine Art America: <a href=”http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/historical/all&#8221; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>historical art</a>


Barrel Racing

Two weeks ago at the Morris County 4H Fair, it was a bust as far as the barrel racing went. It had rained heavily the days before and there were some safety concerns.

This past week at the Warren County Fair, they did have barrel racing. Seems there is not a lot of people around here that do it, but, after all, this is NJ. I enjoyed it anyway.






Horse and saddlery prints can be found here: <a href=”http://fineartamerica.com/art/photographs/saddle/all&#8221; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>saddle photos</a>


I was so excited to be able to get this shot of a pileated woodpecker. I watched him work for a while, and, boy, those were no small, gentle pecks. If you enlarge the photo, you can see the woodchips flying out of the tree he is working on.

A Day in the Sun

With this gorgeous spring weather (I’m so afraid it’s not going to last), everyone is coming out of their shell.

Even this little guy who must have gotten separated from the rest of the family.

IMG_2123 (19 of 54) - Version 2

It was so nice on Sunday this squirrel didn’t flinch as I took his picture:

IMG_2054 (96 of 140) - Version 2

This guy thought it a perfect day to come in for a perfect landing.



A Surprise in the Sky

One of the reasons I started this blog was in the hopes that it would help me to see the beauty that is around me. Not on some breathtaking mountaintop or some far away place, as beautiful as those might be.

I was going through older photos tonight on a fruitless search for a certain one and came across many photos taken with 2 miles of my home. I enjoyed seeing the many varied and pretty images of things from herons to flowers to sunsets and many more. Anyway, I came across this one and it brought back the memory of leaving the park and turning to see this great mountain of billowing clouds tinged with pink. I was so glad I had my camera with me.

I did a slight saturation adjustment and added a vignette, though I think I could have backed off the vignette a tad.

I am grateful for the reminder.

Lake Aeroflex

Well, it’s been forever since I made a post! Not that I haven’t taken pictures-but either I’m not happy with them, have not had time to edit and write or don’t have much to say anyway.

I did rent a 400mm lens to hopefully get some better shots of my beloved eagles. Of course, the first week I had the lens. I was sick :(, so I extended the rental. However, there has not been as many eagles around so far this year and the ones that have shown up are still a little further away than I would like for the equipment I have.

In the meantime, here is an iPhone shot of Lake Aeroflex, taken with the Camera+ app (my favorite). One thing I like about the iPhone is, it’s so easy to edit right on the phone and there are so many creative options.


A Herald of Winter at Hedden Park

As I stole a few minutes today, just before 5 pm, the dark hues of the sky, the barrenness of the trees and the nip in the air reminded me that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. I snapped a couple quick shots with my iPhone in the hopes of freezing (no pun intended) the moment.

November sky

This tree always looks like it is welcoming whatever comes along:

A few weeks ago, in the same park, we had these beautiful scenes and mild temperatures:

Orton effect applied. This effect is one of my favs.

But, then, on October 29th and following, we had scenes like these:

Snowstorm in north Jerzy on 10/29

The Morning After

Hanging On

Fortunately, we had warmer weather the week following the storm.  We had almost a million people who lost power as a result of the storm.  Today, 8 days later, there are still a few without.  I can only be grateful that this didn’t happen in the dead of winter.

The return

Hipstamatic shot

The older I get, the less I like winter and the cold and snow that accompany it.  Perhaps this winter, I will learn to see the beauty that is not as apparent or as easily appreciated.  Winter does have a dark beauty that speaks to life of a different sort.

Snakes Play Dead & After Irene

As anyone can tell by watching the news, north Jersey was hit pretty hard with Irene with some areas faring worse than others.  Fortunately, for me, the worst is past with some minor (though it didn’t seem so when I was cleaning it up) basement flooding.

When the sun came out Ginger and I walked around town.  She was definitely stir crazy and so was I!  I walked down to the Wharton canal to see how it was effected and came across a group of 10-12 year old boys fishing and exploring the aftermath.  When they saw me with a camera they invited me to take pictures of this dead snake they found.  I think it had gotten caught on one of their fishing lines while fishing.  I’m thinking “who wants a picture of a dead snake?”.  Well, then the tail started to move…….So, I learned another lesson about nature.  Snakes play dead!  I never knew that.  The boys were so excited and despite my cautions insisted on picking it up and showing it off. 🙂

Fortunately, they were smart in the way they did it.  By the lump I see there looks like the snake had a recent meal.

Not sure what kind of snake he is.  Will have to look it up.  Eventually (and thankfully), the boys let him go back in the water.  Perhaps they will see him another day.

I did take pictures of how high the water had gotten at the canal.  But, only people familar with the canal area would appreciate them since I did not see anyway to bring perspective.  But, I did go up by Washington’s Pond, which is on Main St. for a few photos.

That’s the pond flowing into the Rockaway river.  The water at this point flowed under the roadway, but the night before was over it.

Hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were fishing with my grandson right in front of those trees.

The banks usually extend past this tree.

These flowers still standing tall and pretty despite it all.

City Lights | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

City Lights by Ben Tacon

City Lights | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

This guy has some amazing photos on Flickr.  He shoots a lot in NJ and you would never know it’s NJ.  I really enjoy his work and am sure you will too.  Amazing what a little perspective can do!

Butterflies, Birds and Flowers in Hedden Park

I love that there are little pockets of nature and beauty all around.  One thing that’s happening because of photography is that – I SEE more.  I may  not be able to translate what I see but I notice and appreciate more.  Who can complain about that? 🙂