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Navy Pier at Dusk From the boat

We were recently in Chicago for my son’s wedding which was truly a wonderful affair. I still call it more of an experience than a wedding.

Chicago is such a great place for taking photographs. There’s so many things and people to see-a good variety of both. My niece and I jumped on a tour boat – BTW, DON’T believe the posted signs, it cost us quite a bit more than what the sign said. Anyway, I got quite a few nice cityscapes from the boat but have not had a chance to go through them except for briefly.

This was Navy Pier as we were sailing away and night was falling. I used Topaz Adjust 5 and the frame is by OnOne Essentials.



My son got married last week, so I’ve been MIA around here.  I don’t live close, but it’s still surprising how much time it takes to prepare.  However, it was well worth it.  The wedding was definitely an experience  due to the fact it was held at the Shedd Aquarium.  We were greeted by beluga whales, watched otters play while we waited for the ceremony and had dolphins swimming behind the wedding party as they said their vows.  The best part is he married a beautiful woman, both inside and out.

When I returned home though, I had disappointing news.

My SE pup, Odette had her town walk last week also.  I was so happy and proud.  The instructor said she hoped to be able to place her in the next class.

Posing during her town walk

But, not even 24 hours after coming home from my son’s wedding in Chicago, I got a phone call saying Odie had been dropped from the SE program due to protective behavior. I was stunned.  Seems she may have felt her or her trainer to be threatened while on the street and she went off barking at a person who had surprised them. That is unacceptable behavior for a SE dog unless there is a real danger.

Only 60% of the puppies bred by the Seeing Eye make it through training.  Of that number, only 80% are placed with a blind person.  I guess I can be happy she made it through training.  I know the instructor was also very disappointed she would have to be dropped.

I have made the  decision to adopt her.  I had been looking forward to doing another puppy, not having another “forever” dog.  After my shepherd died of bone cancer, I had made the decision that raising SE pups would probably be better.  They are young and healthy when you send them off and they are enriching someone’s life.  But, it seems my plans are not to be.  I already have 2 other large dogs in a small home so there’s no “need” for another one.  But, love won out over reason.  I am looking forward to picking her up tomorrow.  And, then we will let the games begin!


I guess Ginger was right-I’m not so hot keeping up with this blog. I’m probably not going to do much better either.

My corner of the world got a little larger last weekend when I went to Chicago. I LOVE Chicago! There’s always something to do or see. Millennium Park is usually a must see for me but, unfortunately, not this weekend.

I used my iPhone 4 a lot. We all know those DSLRs can be quite heavy! I’m wondering if I should invest in an in between camera…..Hmmm…that’s a decision for another day.

Every morning, I trekked to Starbucks. I think I’m hooked now on the whole Starbucks experience. Kind of nice-like a little community. I took this on the way there one morning. It is arguably one of my best iPhone shots. (btw, these are all iPhone shots).

It was taken with Camera+ app and then I applied the HDR filter.
This gentleman seemed to be the official greeter for the local Starbucks. He knew everybody and everyone knew him. He was there every morning.


The Lincoln Park zoo is a favorite of mine, along with the nature museum, butterfly pavilion and conservatory. I had an hour or 2 to kill and dashed in for a quick visit.
First, the conservatory:


The fruit of the sausage tree: (who knew?)


On to the zoo: ( remember, it’s all happening at the zoo)

Water fountain just inside the gate:

I think it’s so cool that it’s made with elephants. If that is ever for sale, I definitely want it. 🙂

It was really hot that afternoon so I got lucky. The polar bear was swimming around to keep cool. What a beautiful animal! He looked so cuddly too, tho I know better. Haha. The kids just loved him.



I rushed through one or 2 more exhibits but, sadly, it was time to go.

Fun with Photoshop Elements

I hang around Elements Village  on a regular basis.  Whether you’re new  or a seasoned vet to photography or Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, it’s a place you will always learn something new or perhaps share some of your own wisdom.  The people that frequent it are a great and helpful group.  There’s no question too dumb or image that will be ridiculed.

One of the things I always enjoyed and learned a lot from was the weekly challenge.  This week I hosted the challenge and chose a tutorial by Gavin Hoey to do.  It’s called making a 3D Ball and Reflection.  I fell in love with this tut.  It’s simple, fun and the final result is very pleasing.

These are my final results:

Some scenes from Puppy Tails, a 4H club of volunteer puppy raisers for the Seeing Eye.

Scenes from Chicago