About Me

I live in a tiny little town in North Jersey.   Back in ’08 I won some money in Vegas and invested in a Canon Rebel T1i and fell in love with photography.  I always did “take pictures” but now I had a tool at my disposal that could even help make the bad ones look better.  Since then I’ve tried to learn more about composition, lighting, etc. while  still having fun.

I try and see the beauty and uniqueness in the world around me.  There are so many hidden treasures right under our noses that we can miss while looking for that elusive something.

Photographing animals and birds, particularly eagles, is my passion.  A big benefit is even if I go out and don’t get to shoot anything of my choice, I came away refreshed and energized just by being out in God’s creation.

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2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi,
    I was searching for pictures fromaround Newark, NJ for my 6th grade environmental science blog and found your site. I love your pics and your blog. Would I be able to one or two of your pics on my school blog if I give you photo credit?

    Dyana Robenalt

  2. Hi Eleanor, I am finally slowing down a bit or this could be the eye of the hurricane, either way I found my way to your beautiful blog and spent some time reading. Nice to see your images.

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