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Five Self Assignments That Teach You To See

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can sure get stuck in a rut!  This is a very good piece from Digital Photography School on some exercises to break free.  On top of that, DPS is an excellent place for all things photography related.  Forums, galleries, articles.  I highly recommend it.

Five Self Assignments That Teach You To See.


A Mans Life Views | SFoxWriting’s Blog

Might be written from a man’s point of view, but can certainly apply to anyone.

A Mans Life Views | SFoxWriting’s Blog.

Waterloo Village

7D-1958-Edit.jpg by victry1
7D-1958-Edit.jpg, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I go on occasion to Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ. It’s an abandoned historical village, but is still available to walk through. Most of the buildings are run down, though there is an active Methodist church on the property.

Each season hs its good points, though I think fall is my favorite and early spring not so much.

I like to bring the dogs there cause they can at least get a few minutes in to run and let off steam.



These and other fine historical images are available at Fine Art America: <a href=”; style=”font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>historical art</a>