Play by victry1
Play, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

Busy week this week. Almost missed. In the warm weather, kids are all over these monkey rings.

And, my grandson was so happy to get these boxing gloves (which were way too big for his tiny hands). Photostrip action by Coffeeshop Blog.


9 responses to “Play

  1. Love the unique angle of the monkey rings. The strip series of your grandson in precious.

  2. Nice tunnel effect… and bright, bright colors! Grandson pics are cute!

  3. The rings make for a fascinating abstract.

  4. What a unique view of an old favourite playground apparatus! Love the vivid colours as well.

  5. love the colors and depth of the first image…but the photo strip gets my vote…your grandson is such a cutie!

  6. Your grandson looks like he is in seventh heaven with his boxing gloves.
    Love the visual depth of the monkey rings.

  7. Very cool perspective of the rings! I agree w/Tammy, though, the photo strip wins hands down!

  8. great observation to spot that photo. Nice one!

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