7D--2.jpg by victry1
7D–2.jpg, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I took this photo about two weeks ago when we still had snow on the ground. With the temperatures this week, it has all melted and everything is a soggy mess.

The light was super flat when I took this so I punched it up a bit with Topaz plug ins.

11 responses to “Winter

  1. I like the mix of the snow with the water not frozen. As much as I dislike Winter the snow and ice create some beautiful shots.

  2. I have no reference point to confirm that so I will take your word for it, 40%C is too hot to argue in! LoL Nice Postcard shot that – Sell it.

  3. This is a classic winter scene. that extra punch worked well.

  4. There’s a lovely tranquility about this scene.

  5. Great shot I love the depth you captured in this scene!

  6. Light here seems to be flat all over NJ….not great for shooting. you’ve done a nice job here though.

  7. Lovely and peaceful! Our weather is too cold to have that wonderful flowing water.

  8. Brrrrrrrrrr, but at the same time so beautiful and peaceful! Love this!

  9. Love the contrast of the open water and the snow.

  10. Love it. A scene I would love to see and shoot for myself

  11. I like the way the image captures the flat light and how your post processing brings our the colors. To me, it looks exactly the way I think of winter back in NH.

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