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Now that we all realize we need new calendars, it’s still not too late to make some New Year’s resolutions. I’d like to nominate some of these ideas for your consideration. They are all aimed at making you a better photographer by next year.

In no particular order…

1. Set some goals for your photography. Decide you will attend at least two workshops, or make a personal photo book project, or create a new portfolio, or learn how to print your own work, etc. Goals drive success.

2. Try to get some of your photography published. Whether it’s self-published, or published on someone else’s blog, or in a magazine, try to get something published. It will drive you to work harder on your craft and your vision. (2013 Photographer’s Market
is a great resource for those of you who want to go down this road.)

3. Build (or upgrade)…

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  1. Oooohhhhhh thanks for sharing! I need all the inspiration I can get!

  2. Who’s got time for resolutions? I’m out taking Photos.

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