7D-7481.jpg/Wildlife by victry1
7D-7481.jpg/Wildlife, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

The bald eagle has made a comeback across our country, thanks to many different conservancy efforts. This bald eagle may have migrated southward to NY from Canada for the winter. We begin seeing them in January and, except for the residents, they vanish back to Canada sometime in March.



15 responses to “Wildlife

  1. Like I told you on facebook, I am so jealous. These shots are all amazing! So majestic and just plain beautiful!

  2. Nothing but fabulous! Like Tammy, I too am so jealous. Even if I had the opportunity so shoot these pics I would be so excited I wouldn’t be able to hold my camera steady to get them. Congrats.

  3. Gorgeous shots! I’d LOVE to see a bird like that. Well captured and thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous captures of this majestic bird.

  5. Great shots. I like the capture of the one preparing to grab a fish. I encountered two bald eagles late this afternoon while out in search of a good sunset shot. I was so excited to see them close to where I live now.

  6. They are majestic creatures lucky you to see and photograph.

  7. I love these shots. We are lucky enough to live south of Calgary and so are still able to enjoy these beautiful birds during our winters. I just haven’t been able to get close enough to them for a good shot – so I am very jealous of these photos!

    • Thanks for the visit and comments, storki. Even if you don’t get close enough for shots, it’s always great to see these gorgeous birds. I only get to do this on occasion. It’s almost 2 hours to where I took these.

  8. These are just fantastic….where are these from? I used to live in Bergen County.

    • Thanks for the comments Mike, these were taken in Port Jervis, NY. If you ever get back to Bergen county, I understand there are resident and migratory eagles at Woodcliff lake.

  9. I love your Eagle series. Wish I lived closer!!

  10. I am envious of all these shots!

  11. What a majestic raptor. Great shots of a truly magnificent bird of prey. Fantastic to see pictures of this bird in the wild. Smashing!

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