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Celebrate Rockaway (Borough)

horse-and-buggy-topazW by victry1
horse-and-buggy-topazW, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

On Sunday, Rockaway Borough had a street fair. Not sure if this is a first or not. Rockaway Borough is a very friendly, quaint town dating back to 1894. My family and I lived there for a number of years and had some very fond memories. It is a friendly, neighborly town-very small-only 2 square miles, I believe. It has an excellent school system and the typical sports clubs, etc.

I didn’t mean this to be an advertisement for the boro, much as I like it. It was a short, fun afternoon, with local food vendors, including Ava’s Cupcakes, who was a winner of Cupcake Wars. I had one of her peanut butter cup cupcakes and it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever tasted! The icing tasted like peanut butter, but better. I will be back for more!

The image is one I took of the horse drawn wagon that was giving rides. I love horses and never turn away from an opportunity to photograph them. I then processed the image with the new Simplify 4 from Topaz Labs. Definitely loving all the new effects they have provided. If you’re on the ffence about any of the Topaz Products, don’t hesitate. They are well worth it. Plus, they are always updating them and the updates are free. You can’t go wrong.

It’s late, I’m rambling. Goodnight.


Butterfly Metamorphosis « A New Beginning

Another stunning creation by MaryLou over at A New Beginning….

Butterfly Metamorphosis « A New Beginning.

Angel’s Beauty

Beauty-buz by victry1
Beauty-buz, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

Angel’s Beauty is her kennel name and she fits it well.

I upgraded to Topaz Simplify 4 today. When I came across this photo, which is about 2 years old, I knew that Simplify 4 would be just the right touch. It’s a decent photo to start with, but Simplify took it up a notch.

Thanks for looking!

Late summer blooms

Especially savoring the late summer blooms before they surrender to the colder weather.



My friend MaryLou has been on a roll lately, posting some beautiful creations (along with instructions) on her blog.  I highly recommend you wander on over and have a look.  I guarantee you’ll like it!    A New Beginning

High Point State Park

monument by victry1
monument, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

Recently I had the opportunity to pay a brief visit to High Point State park. It boasts the highest point in NJ at 1,803 feet above sea level. There are some beautiful vistas to be seen from there. It also has numerous trails to hike, places to picnic, camp or swim. I will definitely try and revisit when the leaves are changing colors.