Native American Powwow @ Bear Mountain

This past weekend, hubby and I went to an Indian Powwow at Anthony Wayne Recreation ARea in Harriman State Park, NY..  It was put on (as it is every year) by the Redhawk Native American Arts Council.


My favorites are the dancers and the birds of prey.  You can find more info on the birds of prey at: flightoftheraptor.comImage.  You can see up close an American Kestrel, a peregrine falcon and Harris hawks.  (they are so pretty).  She also has an owl, but I don’t remember the variety of owl.


It was blisteringly hot Sunday.  I don’t know how the dancers were able to perform so well in that heat.  And, they didn’t look like they were melting either! (I’m sure they were-you couldn’t help it).


I can’t say enough about how kind each and every vendor and performer were to my two shepherds.  So many asked if they needed water and anyone I went to to fill their squirt bottle gladly gave me and more for the dogs.  None of this “it’s a dollar for a cup of ice” that you find so often at other venues. They let me sit in the shade behind their tents so the dogs could get out of the heat.  Just graciousness and kindness all around.  Normally that park is cooler because of all the trees, but not Sunday.  Next time it’s anywhere near that hot, I will leave the dogs home.  I felt bad for them.








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