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_MG_3655 topaz by victry1
_MG_3655 topaz, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I recently went to the county 4H Fair. Despite the good weather, we did not have a large turnout of horses and riders. 😦 Sad, but here in NJ it’s not easy or cheap to keep a horse.


Cades Cove

We recently went to the Smokey Mountains National Park. It definitely deserves another visit. Being a horse nut, the horses were among my favorite sights.

_MG_3063 (224 of 315) - Version 2


_MG_3060 (edit


_MG_3077 (238 of 315) - Version 2 (1)


_MG_3208A by victry1
_MG_3208A, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

These guys are pretty shy. I’m always amazed at how long they can stand motionless and how well they blend into wherever they are. They also fly and appear suddenly and silently.

Great Experience with Lens Rentals

I have recently (& also not so recently) had the occasion to rent a few lenses from  I cannot praise their equipment and service enough.  The lenses were like new and customer service was over the top!  This last time when I rented they went above and beyond anything I would expect from a lens rental company.  They also rent cameras, extenders, tripods, bags.  You name it-they have it.  Their prices are reasonable, equipment and service excellent.  If you want to check them out, click below or on the link in the sidebar.  I think you will be pleased.

World’s Worst Blogger

Okay, I must be the world’s worst blogger.  I have lots of good intentions, but not much follow through.  I think I will be changing my format somewhat once I decide on something that’s workable for me.  I love photography and animals and Photoshop but these things seem to consume quite a bit of time. I’m also trying to apply myself to learner some of the finer (& not so finer) points of all these subjects, which is also time consuming.

So, just an update.  I’ll be back – in some form.