A Surprise in the Sky

One of the reasons I started this blog was in the hopes that it would help me to see the beauty that is around me. Not on some breathtaking mountaintop or some far away place, as beautiful as those might be.

I was going through older photos tonight on a fruitless search for a certain one and came across many photos taken with 2 miles of my home. I enjoyed seeing the many varied and pretty images of things from herons to flowers to sunsets and many more. Anyway, I came across this one and it brought back the memory of leaving the park and turning to see this great mountain of billowing clouds tinged with pink. I was so glad I had my camera with me.

I did a slight saturation adjustment and added a vignette, though I think I could have backed off the vignette a tad.

I am grateful for the reminder.

2 responses to “A Surprise in the Sky

  1. love your thoughts and picture.

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