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A Surprise in the Sky

One of the reasons I started this blog was in the hopes that it would help me to see the beauty that is around me. Not on some breathtaking mountaintop or some far away place, as beautiful as those might be.

I was going through older photos tonight on a fruitless search for a certain one and came across many photos taken with 2 miles of my home. I enjoyed seeing the many varied and pretty images of things from herons to flowers to sunsets and many more. Anyway, I came across this one and it brought back the memory of leaving the park and turning to see this great mountain of billowing clouds tinged with pink. I was so glad I had my camera with me.

I did a slight saturation adjustment and added a vignette, though I think I could have backed off the vignette a tad.

I am grateful for the reminder.


Roebling bridge

Roebling bridge by victry1
Roebling bridge, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

Iphone shot taken of the Roebling bridge while waiting for eagles to appear. One did show up and gave us quite a show.

IMG_1598 (19 of 35) - Version 2

Lake Aeroflex

Well, it’s been forever since I made a post! Not that I haven’t taken pictures-but either I’m not happy with them, have not had time to edit and write or don’t have much to say anyway.

I did rent a 400mm lens to hopefully get some better shots of my beloved eagles. Of course, the first week I had the lens. I was sick :(, so I extended the rental. However, there has not been as many eagles around so far this year and the ones that have shown up are still a little further away than I would like for the equipment I have.

In the meantime, here is an iPhone shot of Lake Aeroflex, taken with the Camera+ app (my favorite). One thing I like about the iPhone is, it’s so easy to edit right on the phone and there are so many creative options.


Seeing Eye Dogs a Tough Breed in New York City –

Great article about training guide dogs to work in NYC and what it takes for them to succeed.

Seeing Eye Dogs a Tough Breed in New York City –