The “Shooting in Snow” Challenge

Well, today, I went out with my G12 in an attempt to get a better handle on shooting with snow all around. I found yesterday to be challenging not to get grey snow, blue snow or any variation. 🙂  I did a little better today-I did use my exposure compensation, used a custom white balance (the snow) and shot in raw in shutter priority.  I used to be afraid of raw.  But, I’ve come to the conclusion that for a beginner like me, it’s not such a bad idea.  I might have a chance at correcting (covering haha) mistakes.  One thing I’m not really sure about is the metering mode.  I typically use spot metering as my subjects are never in one position for more than a few seconds.. I wonder, if, shooting with snow in the background it would be better to use something like evaluative.

The following are my results from today: (using Odie as my subject)

Looking innocent

And another:

Enjoying her playtime

And the final: (for today anyway)

Hey Mom!

After looking at them again, I see I have a long way to go……..but, it is all about learning and progessing and the fun while doing it.

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