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Nine lives « Safe & Sound blog

A very interesting and informative read from a fellow blogger with a link to a short video from the Seeing Eye.

Nine lives « Safe & Sound blog.


The “Shooting in Snow” Challenge

Well, today, I went out with my G12 in an attempt to get a better handle on shooting with snow all around. I found yesterday to be challenging not to get grey snow, blue snow or any variation. 🙂  I did a little better today-I did use my exposure compensation, used a custom white balance (the snow) and shot in raw in shutter priority.  I used to be afraid of raw.  But, I’ve come to the conclusion that for a beginner like me, it’s not such a bad idea.  I might have a chance at correcting (covering haha) mistakes.  One thing I’m not really sure about is the metering mode.  I typically use spot metering as my subjects are never in one position for more than a few seconds.. I wonder, if, shooting with snow in the background it would be better to use something like evaluative.

The following are my results from today: (using Odie as my subject)

Looking innocent

And another:

Enjoying her playtime

And the final: (for today anyway)

Hey Mom!

After looking at them again, I see I have a long way to go……..but, it is all about learning and progessing and the fun while doing it.


One of my favorite birds to watch and photograph is the American Bald Eagle. They are such majestic creatures and quite large. I’m always impressed by the way they “stick to business”. During the winter, they conserve energy and you don’t see them flying around wasting any unless it’s to snatch a fish.

I had a nice day watching them the other day and hope to go back. I am finding it a bit more challenging now that I have a wee bit of knowledge, but great fun anyway. I will post more pics later in the week.

A couple young ones hanging on the ice:

IMG_1133 (17 of 55) - Version 2

A seemingly puzzled mature eagle checking out his reflection in the ice.

IMG_1135 (19 of 55) - Version 2

Part of what I found challenging was that, the mature eagle was only about 20-25 feet away from the young ones, but the change in exposure was dramatic.  And, sometimes, I just forget to change my settings………. 😦

A good place to learn about the eagles, particularly in the Northeast is to be found at the Eagle Institute.

Christmas in NYC

Christmas ornament by victry1
Christmas ornament, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I’ve been wanting to go into NYC at Christmastime for a few years. Somehow, we never manage to make it. 😦 This year we did-and got drenched to the skin! I put my iPhone and its apps to good use to grab some impromptu photos.

Wooden soldiers