Freedom Day!

Ginger topaz by victry1
Ginger topaz, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

This is quite a delayed post. I, along with so many others, have been incredibly busy and have neglected quite a few things. But, never too busy to celebrate Ginger’s Freedom Day. That is the anniversary of the day I picked her up from the Seeing Eye and brought her home to be my “forever” pet.

Ginger was at the Seeing Eye for exactly 1 year and two weeks. She finished her training but never found her “match” among the blind students. I cried when they told me they were releasing her from the program. She’s such a good and loyal dog, I know she would have made a good guide and companion. That was my hope in raising her. But, now she is a good companion to me and my family and I am thrilled she is home. It was very distressing to me to know she was in a kennel for that long a period of time. Make no mistake, the dogs at the Seeing Eye kennels have a great life. They have individual trainers, volunteers that come and play with them daily, plenty of other dogs to play with, good food and excellent care. But, it is still not a home situation.

The really cool thing was, that, even though she had not seen me in over a year, she recognized me right away and was wild with joy. I was told that retrievers may forget their raisers, but shepherds never do. That held true at least in this case.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone.

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