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Navy Pier at Dusk From the boat

We were recently in Chicago for my son’s wedding which was truly a wonderful affair. I still call it more of an experience than a wedding.

Chicago is such a great place for taking photographs. There’s so many things and people to see-a good variety of both. My niece and I jumped on a tour boat – BTW, DON’T believe the posted signs, it cost us quite a bit more than what the sign said. Anyway, I got quite a few nice cityscapes from the boat but have not had a chance to go through them except for briefly.

This was Navy Pier as we were sailing away and night was falling. I used Topaz Adjust 5 and the frame is by OnOne Essentials.


Odie loves Topaz B&W!

odie topaz2 by victry1
odie topaz2, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

Fooling around with my G12 today so I’m not caught with my pants down when I want to grab a shot. This picture came out really nice, but, being addicted to PSE and Topaz Plug ins, I couldn’t resist running the photo through Topaz B&W effects. I love the results (& I’m sure Odie does too). ūüôā

A Herald of Winter at Hedden Park

As I stole a few minutes today, just before 5 pm, the dark hues of the sky, the barrenness of the trees and the nip in the air reminded me that Old Man Winter is just around the corner. I snapped a couple quick shots with my iPhone in the hopes of freezing (no pun intended) the moment.

November sky

This tree always looks like it is welcoming whatever comes along:

A few weeks ago, in the same park, we had these beautiful scenes and mild temperatures:

Orton effect applied. This effect is one of my favs.

But, then, on October 29th and following, we had scenes like these:

Snowstorm in north Jerzy on 10/29

The Morning After

Hanging On

Fortunately, we had warmer weather the week following the storm. ¬†We had almost a million people who lost power as a result of the storm. ¬†Today, 8 days later, there are still a few without. ¬†I can only be grateful that this didn’t happen in the dead of winter.

The return

Hipstamatic shot

The older I get, the less I like winter and the cold and snow that accompany it.  Perhaps this winter, I will learn to see the beauty that is not as apparent or as easily appreciated.  Winter does have a dark beauty that speaks to life of a different sort.