I guess Ginger was right-I’m not so hot keeping up with this blog. I’m probably not going to do much better either.

My corner of the world got a little larger last weekend when I went to Chicago. I LOVE Chicago! There’s always something to do or see. Millennium Park is usually a must see for me but, unfortunately, not this weekend.

I used my iPhone 4 a lot. We all know those DSLRs can be quite heavy! I’m wondering if I should invest in an in between camera…..Hmmm…that’s a decision for another day.

Every morning, I trekked to Starbucks. I think I’m hooked now on the whole Starbucks experience. Kind of nice-like a little community. I took this on the way there one morning. It is arguably one of my best iPhone shots. (btw, these are all iPhone shots).

It was taken with Camera+ app and then I applied the HDR filter.
This gentleman seemed to be the official greeter for the local Starbucks. He knew everybody and everyone knew him. He was there every morning.


The Lincoln Park zoo is a favorite of mine, along with the nature museum, butterfly pavilion and conservatory. I had an hour or 2 to kill and dashed in for a quick visit.
First, the conservatory:


The fruit of the sausage tree: (who knew?)


On to the zoo: ( remember, it’s all happening at the zoo)

Water fountain just inside the gate:

I think it’s so cool that it’s made with elephants. If that is ever for sale, I definitely want it. 🙂

It was really hot that afternoon so I got lucky. The polar bear was swimming around to keep cool. What a beautiful animal! He looked so cuddly too, tho I know better. Haha. The kids just loved him.



I rushed through one or 2 more exhibits but, sadly, it was time to go.


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