Snakes Play Dead & After Irene

As anyone can tell by watching the news, north Jersey was hit pretty hard with Irene with some areas faring worse than others.  Fortunately, for me, the worst is past with some minor (though it didn’t seem so when I was cleaning it up) basement flooding.

When the sun came out Ginger and I walked around town.  She was definitely stir crazy and so was I!  I walked down to the Wharton canal to see how it was effected and came across a group of 10-12 year old boys fishing and exploring the aftermath.  When they saw me with a camera they invited me to take pictures of this dead snake they found.  I think it had gotten caught on one of their fishing lines while fishing.  I’m thinking “who wants a picture of a dead snake?”.  Well, then the tail started to move…….So, I learned another lesson about nature.  Snakes play dead!  I never knew that.  The boys were so excited and despite my cautions insisted on picking it up and showing it off. 🙂

Fortunately, they were smart in the way they did it.  By the lump I see there looks like the snake had a recent meal.

Not sure what kind of snake he is.  Will have to look it up.  Eventually (and thankfully), the boys let him go back in the water.  Perhaps they will see him another day.

I did take pictures of how high the water had gotten at the canal.  But, only people familar with the canal area would appreciate them since I did not see anyway to bring perspective.  But, I did go up by Washington’s Pond, which is on Main St. for a few photos.

That’s the pond flowing into the Rockaway river.  The water at this point flowed under the roadway, but the night before was over it.

Hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were fishing with my grandson right in front of those trees.

The banks usually extend past this tree.

These flowers still standing tall and pretty despite it all.


2 responses to “Snakes Play Dead & After Irene

  1. Northern water snake, perhaps?

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