Today I Turned Three

I decided I should do the blog today since it’s my birthday (I’m 3!) and Mom doesn’t keep up with it like she should.  At least in my opinion anyway.

Since it was my big day, I started out giving Mom some hints…….

It took a little nudging, but she finally brought out the hose!  My favorite!  I don’t even need this silly pool. 🙂

Then we went to the dog park and I made a new friend.

A new friend



Then we went home to play in the yard.  I think Mom was getting tired by then, but I’m ONLY 3.  I still have lots of energy. She brought out the soccer ball and I gave that a whirl.


She insisted I pose for my team photo.

I much prefer something I can get my teeth into.

This is more my style

Then it was inside for dinner and a birthday biscuit. 🙂  Life is good.

2 responses to “Today I Turned Three

  1. What an adorable post! It’s great how dogs don’t need anything fancy to make them happy. It’s a lesson we humans can learn from! 🙂

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