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A Touching Title Track Photoshop Elements | Scrappers Guide


A Touching Title Track Photoshop Elements | Scrappers Guide.


Snakes Play Dead & After Irene

As anyone can tell by watching the news, north Jersey was hit pretty hard with Irene with some areas faring worse than others.  Fortunately, for me, the worst is past with some minor (though it didn’t seem so when I was cleaning it up) basement flooding.

When the sun came out Ginger and I walked around town.  She was definitely stir crazy and so was I!  I walked down to the Wharton canal to see how it was effected and came across a group of 10-12 year old boys fishing and exploring the aftermath.  When they saw me with a camera they invited me to take pictures of this dead snake they found.  I think it had gotten caught on one of their fishing lines while fishing.  I’m thinking “who wants a picture of a dead snake?”.  Well, then the tail started to move…….So, I learned another lesson about nature.  Snakes play dead!  I never knew that.  The boys were so excited and despite my cautions insisted on picking it up and showing it off. 🙂

Fortunately, they were smart in the way they did it.  By the lump I see there looks like the snake had a recent meal.

Not sure what kind of snake he is.  Will have to look it up.  Eventually (and thankfully), the boys let him go back in the water.  Perhaps they will see him another day.

I did take pictures of how high the water had gotten at the canal.  But, only people familar with the canal area would appreciate them since I did not see anyway to bring perspective.  But, I did go up by Washington’s Pond, which is on Main St. for a few photos.

That’s the pond flowing into the Rockaway river.  The water at this point flowed under the roadway, but the night before was over it.

Hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were fishing with my grandson right in front of those trees.

The banks usually extend past this tree.

These flowers still standing tall and pretty despite it all.

Pet Photography Contest

I’m not so big on contests (in fact, this is only the second one I ever entered), but this pup is too cute not to show off.  I entered him here:

Looks like a cool place to learn photography and share photos, tips, etc.

Anyway, here is Xyris in all his mischevious innocence:

Looks like he’s saying “who? me?……….Nah……… 🙂

At least it’s only grass and not shoes!

City Lights | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

City Lights by Ben Tacon

City Lights | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

This guy has some amazing photos on Flickr.  He shoots a lot in NJ and you would never know it’s NJ.  I really enjoy his work and am sure you will too.  Amazing what a little perspective can do!

Today I Turned Three

I decided I should do the blog today since it’s my birthday (I’m 3!) and Mom doesn’t keep up with it like she should.  At least in my opinion anyway.

Since it was my big day, I started out giving Mom some hints…….

It took a little nudging, but she finally brought out the hose!  My favorite!  I don’t even need this silly pool. 🙂

Then we went to the dog park and I made a new friend.

A new friend



Then we went home to play in the yard.  I think Mom was getting tired by then, but I’m ONLY 3.  I still have lots of energy. She brought out the soccer ball and I gave that a whirl.


She insisted I pose for my team photo.

I much prefer something I can get my teeth into.

This is more my style

Then it was inside for dinner and a birthday biscuit. 🙂  Life is good.

Breaking the mold

Generic mall scene by victry1
Generic mall scene, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I called this a generic mall scene and tried to make it as anonymous as possible. I did that not only because these shoppers may not appreciate seeing themselves on the web, but across the country, life and lifestyles seem to have become very generic and anonymous. Used to be, different areas of the country featured different styles, stores and experience. Now, the malls all seem to have the same stores, kiosks, etc. Chain restaurants have sprung up along every byway. Conformity permeates housing developments, kids in school and what’s acceptable in your own neighborhood and/or social group. If someone looks, thinks or acts differently, the general response is rejection at the least. This certainly is representative of and breeds prejudice of all kinds.

Granted, this is not new, but it has become much more widespread than it used to be. Maybe we, ourselves, need to break the mold and dare to be different and reach out and include those who would not otherwise be readily welcomed. We do not have to agree with everything another person says or does, but each person is worthy of respect and acceptance. That’s where our society falls way short. If we practice this and teach our children, there would be no need for “tolerance”. which sounds kind of torturous and unequal anyway.

Well, I’m rambling and that is not my intent on a photo blog…….

Photo taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app and edited with Iris Photo Suite and Instagram.