Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was on the cool side, with some clouds, but enough sun to make you glad to be outside.  My friend and I took my dog, Ginger, and her BFF, Howie to the dog park.  Ginger and Howie spent puppyhood together and are very close.  When Ginger left for training at the Seeing Eye it was hard on Howie. 😦  Howie is a natural athlete and I keep encouraging his owner to take him for agility training.  While Ginger loves her Frisbee, she doesn’t go at it with the gusto that Howie does.

Howie-A good catch.

It was a good learning experience for me to try and get a shot of him in action.  I will definitely have to try again!

Ginger happily playing with her favorite toy

The chase


Ginger likes to play it cool:

Ginger being a lady. LOL

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