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Mist at the canal

We’ve had quite a bit of rain this week. But, one morning it was nice and cool so I trekked on down to the canal. I put on my Tamron 28-75mm lens, more or less to make myself shoot something different. I always have a longer lens on cause I like shooting animals, birds and kids. But, I find I am stuck in a rut!!

This was the yield for that morning. A fine, misty rain started to fall as I was leaving. It felt so good! But, I looked like a drowned rat before I got home. Good thing it was still early morning. 🙂


Butterflies, Birds and Flowers in Hedden Park

I love that there are little pockets of nature and beauty all around.  One thing that’s happening because of photography is that – I SEE more.  I may  not be able to translate what I see but I notice and appreciate more.  Who can complain about that? 🙂


Things have been somewhat quiet around here-or at least I haven’t had a chance to post anything.  One night I learned the value of a UV filter on my lens as I slid down an embankment and my lens was ground into the side of the hill.  Fortunately, no damage done that I know of.

Normally, I shoot things that are living and moving.  But, I tried a change and shot these flowers on the side of the Wharton canal.  I find kind of a quiet quality in them against the black background.


Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was on the cool side, with some clouds, but enough sun to make you glad to be outside.  My friend and I took my dog, Ginger, and her BFF, Howie to the dog park.  Ginger and Howie spent puppyhood together and are very close.  When Ginger left for training at the Seeing Eye it was hard on Howie. 😦  Howie is a natural athlete and I keep encouraging his owner to take him for agility training.  While Ginger loves her Frisbee, she doesn’t go at it with the gusto that Howie does.

Howie-A good catch.

It was a good learning experience for me to try and get a shot of him in action.  I will definitely have to try again!

Ginger happily playing with her favorite toy

The chase


Ginger likes to play it cool:

Ginger being a lady. LOL

The Meeting

The Meeting by victry1
The Meeting, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

I went away from my corner of the world for a few days down to Virginia Beach. I could have stayed forever! (except I’m sure my host and hostess would have gotten tired of me). LOL

I’ve been busy since I got back and haven’t even had time to go through those photos but have been working on some projects in Photoshop Elements. Here is one of them. These are 2 Seeing Eye pups being introduced at a puppy club meeting.

Hope you enjoy.

A Rocky Start

Seems like this blog is off to a somewhat rocky start, despite all my good intentions. I was away for a few days but came back in time to share in a joyful event. My friend’s dog had her “Town Walk” today. A “Town Walk” is when a Seeing Eye pup has completed her training and their puppy raiser and family get to see them in action and see what they’ve learned. It’s a big step on the dog’s road to becoming a full fledged guide dog. It’s rewarding to see the pup that you’ve stayed up with at night, cleaned up after accidents, housebroken, trained, taken on various outings besides all the usual stuff of puppyhood confidently leading, guiding and protecting their trainer. It can be hard to envision this little pup who peed on your floor, chewed your furniture and hid your shoes as one that can be a dependable companion and guide.  So, for a puppy raiser to see their dog in action is truly a happy occasion.

The pups are returned to the Seeing Eye at about 15-18 months of age
Only slightly more than 50% of all pups bred by the Seeing Eye make it to the formal training. . Of those that are accepted into the 4 month training program, only 80% of those make it through the full training period. So, when a dog does make it all the way through and is matched with a blind person. they are the cream of the crop.

The proud graduate. 🙂

One of the pups I raised made it through training and they fully expected to use her. However, dogs and people are matched according to a number of criteria, and, unfortunately, she was not matched with anybody. She stayed at the Seeing Eye for over a year. When she wasn’t matched in that period of time, they called to see if I wanted her back. And, of course I did! 🙂 This is my girl, Ginger:

Ginger on her town walk


One of my favorite shots of the pup I just sent back.  They definitely are members of the family.


A photo taken shortly before my last pup (one I raised after Ginger) returned to the Seeing Eye.


Thursdays are spent with my grandson. He’s at such a great age right now. Young enough to think the important adults in his life are close to God but old enough to interact. He has his moments, to be sure, but what joy it is to spend time with him. He doesn’t mind posing for the occasional shot, but otherwise can be somewhat camera shy. So I use my iPhone. The perfect stealth camera. I used Hipstamatic for my shots, then maybe edited in various other iPhone apps.