A Snapshot of my World

I’m not sure about this whole blogging thing though I’ve attempted it before. What I do do is take a lot of pictures. Photography is a recent hobby and has opened up my eyes to a lot of things. One of my friends told me that you start seeing more when you are pursuing this hobby. She was right. I live on a working class town that began as a result of iron mines. It’s not a fancy or especially pretty place, yet, photography has opened my eyes to beauty and things I never would have noticed otherwise. So I hope to share some of the local beauty and my life with you.

This is one of the first shots I ever got of an eagle in the wild.  I had my camera for about 2 months and took a ride to NY State.  I didn’t know much about photography but these birds came close.  I didn’t know whether to watch them or take pictures!!

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